Q: When did you start PLUS ULTRA and why?

A: I started PLUS ULTRA in Venice, CA in response to the global plastic pollution crisis. I was (and still am) on a mission to eradicate the billions of plastic toothbrushes that are thrown away each year.

Q: Where did the name PLUS ULTRA come from?

A: PLUS ULTRA is the national motto of Spain and is Latin for “further beyond”. I had the phrase “plus ultra” ingrained in my mind and heart since I traveled to Barcelona to study my family heritage. When I returned to Venice, I named my company PLUS ULTRA to pay homage to my grandfather. Today, it’s the mantra we’ve adopted to inspire innovation and forward thinking. PLUS ULTRA redefines utility to include the greater good by creating products that inspire conscious consumerism.

Q: Since the launch of your bamboo toothbrushes, what are some of your new products?

A: We’ve made bamboo travel cases for adults and kids, and two types of all-natural toothpaste. We’re also really excited to introduce our patented biodegradable, cornstarch electric toothbrush heads that are compatible with Philips Sonicare and Oral-B.

Q: Where can readers find your products in stores?

A: Visit our stockists list Here!