Multi Style
Multi Style

Multi Style

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Includes 1 of each adult style:

1 Hello Gorgeous + 1 Hello Handsome + 1 Brush Smile Repeat + 1 PLUS ULTRA Logo

Purchasing a 1-year supply reduces waste and fuel by shipping four brushes at once — with free shipping! A 4-pack contains enough toothbrushes for one year for one person. (Please note doctors recommend replacing toothbrushes after an illness.)

PLUS ULTRA bamboo toothbrushes are an eco-friendly alternative to plastic toothbrushes.

Our toothbrush handles are sculpted from bamboo — a sustainable resource that is both durable and inherent with anti-bacterial qualities that protect from germs and mold.

Designed to the specifications of dentist recommendations, our bristle heads feature a wave shaped design that cleans difficult to reach areas with soft, nylon bristles that gently massage the gum line.