Whitening On The Go

Whitening On The Go

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The Whitening On The Go bundle from PLUS ULTRA is specifically curated for those who want to keep their smile sparkling while on the move, combining essential oral care with eco-friendly practices. This set ensures you have what you need for dental hygiene and whitening, without compromising environmental values.

  • Adult Bamboo Toothbrush: Choose sustainability with our Moso bamboo toothbrush, featuring soft, wave-shaped bristles designed to clean effectively while being gentle on gums. It’s a tool that lets you embrace each day with a positive affirmation and a lighter footprint.
  • Adult Bamboo Travel Case: Perfect for on-the-go use, this case is crafted from 100% bamboo, offering a sturdy and stylish solution to keep your toothbrush clean and dry. Ventilation holes ensure your brush stays fresh and ready for your next clean.
  • Premium Teeth Whitening Strips: Complete your oral care regimen with our Premium Teeth Whitening Strips, a 14-day treatment designed to brighten your smile safely and effectively. Made with dentist-approved ingredients and eco-friendly practices, these strips are gentle on sensitive teeth, vegan, and enamel safe, ensuring your smile shines brighter in the most responsible way.

The Whitening On The Go bundle is perfect for anyone seeking to maintain and enhance their dental care routine without sacrificing sustainability. Whether traveling, at work, or between social engagements, this kit keeps your smile bright and your impact on the environment minimal.