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Great brush heads!!

I’ve been looking for eco-friendly brush head replacements for my Phillips toothbrush for awhile and didn’t find any til I found these! Cause though I’ve been doing my best to be environmentally conscious, I was not about to compromise my dental health by going back to a manual toothbrush after years of bad teeth (and finally getting them to a good place). But my periodic searching finally paid off! These toothbrush head replacements are perfect! They fit the Phillips toothbrush just as good as the name brand, and I like that the majority of it is compostable! It’ll be so nice to throw these in the compost bin instead of the trash! My teeth feel just as clean after brushing as they did with the name brand heads, and the bristles are the same size as the ones I used to use. My only suggestion is that I wish the toothbrush heads were individually wrapped or covered (perhaps in some of that cornstarch/compostable plastic alternatives I’ve seen around) because they’re just open and exposed inside the box, so that makes it difficult to store them in a way that makes me feel like they’ll still be clean and ready to use in 3-6 months when I use the next head replacements.

Works great!

The head fits my toothbrush base well and the bristles are soft and pliable!

Great quality!

Love the quality of these toothbrush heads. Bristles are strong but soft for a great feel during brushing! And I haven't even gone into my excitement about the environmental impact. Thanks, Plus Ultra!


Love receiving the benefits of using an electric toothbrush with the extra benefit of knowing what I’m using is good for the environment too!

Yay for electric toothbrush users!

Was really hoping to stop using the plastic sonicare replacements someday - and that day is here! Got mine last week and quality seems to be just as good and I'm super happy to have a greener option now. Woohoo!

My dentist gave it 5 stars

I've been using PlusUltra toothbrushes for a couple years and my dentist always compliments me on my brushing. I admittedly don't floss but he said it looks like I do! Best compliment ever. Love these brushes!


These are great for travel and just at home as well. I HATE using plastics when jetsetting and feel much better about using these little guys.

Bamboo Toothbrushes
Greggory M.
Absolutely the best toothbrush

This toothbrush is the best manual toothbrush I've used. The bristles are soft and not made of the typical plastic found with other toothbrushes. You can also feel good purchasing this toothbrush knowing you're helping the environment by using a product that won't hurt the environment!

I like it

Perfect product

Adult Bamboo Toothbrushes

Bamboo Toothbrushes
Yascairy Q.
Love it 😍😍

Love it😍😍😍

Carbon Offset
Larissa S.


The brand people needs to check out

The bristles are really soft and comfortable and a new experience of using my eco friendly brush. Thanks to the whole team of plus ultra for making such products!!!


Love it

Save my mouth + save the environment. It’s a win win.

CUTEST toothbrushes ever

These are absolutely adorable. I bought the 4 pack so I can leave for others in my guest bathrooms as well. Great quality and I love that they’re made out of bamboo instead of plastic.

The best!

Excellent toothbrushes!

6 yr old reviews +Ultra

This brush is soft. I love it! My little sister is 3. She loves it too. Wood is better than plastic for our environment. I put the handle in the compost bin when I am done. It turns into dirt to grow plants. (Mom here: The size is perfect for little hands and I use these myself when I travel because the shorter handle is easier to pack. Great product!)

Smart product

Great eco friendly recycled product!

Amazing toothbrushes!

I love, love, love these bamboo toothbrushes! They come in minimal, eco-friendly packaging and do a great job keeping my mouth fresh and my teeth clean! And the BEST part is these won’t be around for a zillion years after being discarded like plastic toothbrushes are. Highly recommend!


Loving this toothbrush! Something about the bamboo makes the brushing process feel that much cleaner and the wave-shaped bristles actually do get into those hard-to-reach crevices. Plus, who doesn't like being greeted with "hello gorgeous" 2-3x/day? I am so excited by this eco-friendly option--feeling especially good about my purchase after reading some of the facts on the box--plastic is so last year.

New favorite toothbrush

I was already a fan of the mission alone, but I must say Plus Ultra satisfied on all fronts. The tracking system and delivery were seamless. The packaging was super clean and cute as well. I gave two to my boyfriend and kept two for myself and we love them! The bristles are super soft and I appreciate the size of the toothbrush as well as it actually fits in the toothbrush holder (haha). Will definitely be reordering.


Literally the freshest toothpaste ever.

LOVE my Plus Ultra products

I LOVE my Plus Ultra toothbrushes. The designs are so cute and I feel great knowing I've selected a plant-based, sustainable product. Now that I've tried them out (and am such a fan !) I plan to buy their monthly subscription.

The Smirk Kit
Super useful !

I already loved the sustainable aspect of my Plus Ultra toothbrush and now I’m even more obsessed: the travel case which is also made from super sustainable bamboo (did you know bamboo can grow up to three feet per day?) has made my bathroom storage issues go away—I know I’ll use it when I travel, and even now this makes it easy to tuck my toothbrush into a drawer when not brushing my teeth. Love!