What Is The Best Natural Toothpaste?

What Is The Best Natural Toothpaste?

Key Takeaways:

  • Chemical-Free Alternative: Natural toothpaste offers a chemical-free alternative to traditional toothpaste. It focuses on ingredients sourced from plants and minerals that can provide effective oral care and fresh breath.
  • Making the Right Choice: Selecting the right natural toothpaste involves considering personal oral health needs, understanding ingredient labels, and looking for certifications aligning with personal sustainability standards and ethical practices.
  • Environmentally Conscious: Eco-friendly aspects of natural toothpaste extend beyond ingredients to include sustainable packaging solutions, reflecting the overall environmental consciousness of the natural personal care product industry. Our product, Plus Ultra’s Natural Gel Toothpaste, is a testament to this. Our ingredients are natural (and 70% organic), and our packaging is made from FSC paper in the USA.  

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At Plus Ultra, we proudly offer you more than just oral care products. With a strong commitment to sustainability, inclusivity, and philanthropy, our natural and beautiful products will help you take care of your smile while making a positive impact on the planet. 

  • Natural Ingredients: Our products are meticulously crafted using only the finest natural ingredients, free from harsh chemicals, parabens, and artificial additives. Indulge in a wholesome oral care experience that is gentle yet effective, leaving your smile fresh, clean, and healthy.
  • Eco-Conscious Production: We take immense pride in our sustainable practices. Our toothbrush handles are made from bamboo, a fast-growing and renewable resource, while our packaging is eco-friendly and fully recyclable. By choosing Plus Ultra, you join our mission to reduce waste and protect the environment for future generations.
  • Inclusivity: At Plus Ultra, we believe in embracing diversity. Our oral care products suit people of all backgrounds, ages, and oral health needs. Whether you have sensitive teeth, braces, or a unique dental situation, our products offer a versatile solution to ensure everyone enjoys a radiant smile.
  • Philanthropy: We firmly believe in giving back to our communities. With every purchase, a portion of the proceeds goes towards dental health initiatives for underprivileged individuals. By choosing Plus Ultra, you actively contribute to making quality dental care accessible to those in need.

Join us in our journey towards sustainable smiles and make a positive impact on both your oral health and the planet. Experience the power of Plus Ultra today!

Understanding Natural Toothpaste

Natural toothpaste uses plant-based ingredients and essential oils for gentle, chemical-free oral care. It's preferred for its environmental friendliness and effectiveness in cleaning teeth without synthetic additives. 

The Benefits Of Using Natural Toothpaste

Healthier Ingredients For Your Mouth

Natural toothpaste uses ingredients that are gentle on your mouth. It has clean, natural ingredients and a simple, clean design that you’ll be excited to have on your shelf or in your medicine cabinet. 

Long-Term Oral Health Benefits

Over time, the natural ingredients in toothpaste are better for your teeth and gums than the traditional chemical additives, which are harmful.

Biocompatibility And Reduced Allergens

If you have sensitive skin or allergies, natural toothpaste might be the best option. Its clean, simple, and natural ingredients are less likely to cause a reaction.


Biocompatibility and Reduced Allergens


Environmental Impact Of Natural Ingredients

Natural toothpaste's plant and mineral-based ingredients often have a lower environmental impact since they are typically biodegradable from renewable resources.

Supporting Sustainable Practices

Choosing natural toothpaste also supports sustainability. Brands that make these products often commit to eco-friendly practices, from sourcing to packaging, aligning with a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

Things To Look For In Natural Toothpaste

Essential Oils 

Many natural toothpastes use essential oils like peppermint, not just for their clean taste but also because they help keep your mouth minty fresh.

Plant Extracts 

Natural toothpastes contain ingredients from plants such as aloe vera, which help clean teeth while being gentle on gums.

Natural Scrubbers 

Natural toothpaste uses ingredients like baking soda to gently remove surface stains from teeth without using harsh chemicals.

While natural toothpaste, like those containing baking soda, can be effective for gentle cleaning, those looking for more pronounced whitening results might consider Plus Ultra's Premium Teeth Whitening Gel. It offers an effective whitening solution that's kind to your teeth and the environment.

Finding The Right Natural Toothpaste For You

Evaluating Your Needs

When selecting your toothpaste, consider your primary dental needs and preferences. Whether you need toothpaste for sensitive teeth, whitening, cavity prevention, or natural ingredients, understanding these requirements will guide you to the ideal choice.


Brighter Smile


Understand What's On The Package

Examine the toothpaste packaging carefully to understand the product's attributes. Look for certifications indicating organic ingredients or cruelty-free practices. These labels reflect the brand's ethos and can assist you in selecting a toothpaste that aligns with your personal needs and ethical values.

Considerations For Sensitive Teeth

Ingredients To Avoid

For those with sensitive teeth, it's important to steer clear of harsh abrasives and strong chemicals that could exacerbate sensitivity issues. Opting for a natural toothpaste formulated with gentle, soothing ingredients may be more suitable and comfortable for your dental care routine.

Recommended Formulations

When searching for a natural toothpaste, prioritize formulations that contain ingredients renowned for their gentleness, such as aloe vera or coconut oil. These components effectively clean teeth while ensuring minimal risk of discomfort or irritation, making them ideal for maintaining oral health gently and naturally.

Innovative And Eco-Friendly Toothpaste Packaging

Many natural toothpaste brands have a core commitment to sustainable packaging. They might use recyclable materials or less plastic or even offer toothpaste in tablet form to eliminate tubes altogether. These efforts reduce waste and align with the eco-conscious values ​​central to the natural toothpaste movement.

Plus Ultra Natural Gel Toothpaste

Plus Ultra’s natural gel toothpaste guarantees a whiter smile and plaque and stain removal, leaving your breath minty fresh! Packed with premium natural ingredients, including aloe vera, bamboo extract, and organic peppermint flavor. It comes in an eco-friendly, recyclable aluminum metal tube.

Final Thoughts

Natural toothpaste is a viable option for those wanting to clean their teeth while being mindful of their health and the environment. It's about bringing things back to basics—using ingredients that work without the need for synthetic additives. By choosing natural toothpaste, consumers can positively impact their oral hygiene routine and support more sustainable practices within the industry.

Choosing natural toothpaste is a key step toward a greener, healthier lifestyle. To help make that transition even smoother, the PLUS ULTRA Starter Pack provides all the essentials. This pack is designed for those ready to embrace a sustainable oral care routine that benefits their well-being and the planet.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Are natural toothpastes fluoride-free?

Most natural toothpastes are fluoride-free, focusing on organic and natural ingredients, but some incorporate naturally sourced fluoride.

Can kids use natural toothpaste?

Yes, many natural toothpaste options are specifically formulated for children, ensuring safety and suitability for their delicate dental needs.

How do natural toothpastes help the environment?

Natural toothpastes favor environmentally friendly ingredients and often use recyclable packaging, contributing to less waste and a reduced ecological footprint.

Does natural toothpaste taste different from regular toothpaste?

Natural toothpaste might taste different, using natural flavorings derived from plants and minerals, offering a unique taste experience.

Can I use natural toothpaste if I have braces?

Individuals with braces can use natural toothpaste, but it's important to select a smooth, non-abrasive variety to avoid damaging the braces.

How is natural toothpaste different from other toothpaste?

Natural toothpaste differs from conventional toothpaste by omitting fluoride and synthetic chemicals and using natural alternatives like essential oils, plant extracts, and baking soda.


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