Why We Started With Bamboo

Why We Started With Bamboo

Why We Started With Bamboo? 

When we got into this business way back in 2012, there were no other bamboo toothbrushes on the market. Like everyone else, we too were using plastic toothbrushes (usually the free ones from the dentist). 

With the increase in dramatic weather events and research being released ever more frequently around the toxicity of everyday products, there began to be more and more research coming out around long-term effects on the environment and our bodies. This got us really curious and after doing a bit of digging on the impact of everyday products.

We discovered that 1 billion plastic toothbrushes were thrown away a year. (Read more here in National Geographic-https://www.nationalgeographic.com/environment/2019/06/story-of-plastic-toothbrushes/ )

Immediately we thought, there’s no way we are reading this right! But after doing a bit more recon, we found that alas, it was sad and true. We also became aware that plastic takes 1,000 years to decompose so these toothbrushes were going to be sitting in landfills and oceans for-ev-er.

So, that’s why we got into this business. It started with a bamboo toothbrush- a simple, eco friendly way to swap out a toxic, environmentally damaging item we used multiple times a day. 

What is bamboo?: A lot of people think bamboo is a wood because it is hearty and thick, but bamboo is actually a grass prevalent and widely cultivated in China and other East Asian regions. Not only does it require less water to grow, but it also absorbs CO2, which is a greenhouse gas- aka it combats climate change. Because it is a grass, it is the fastest growing plant and is all natural. Nature is really good at breaking down natural products so this is a huge win and felt like the best way to go for the environment. 

Why did we choose bamboo toothbrushes?: There is now starting to be more innovation around technology that can substitute plastic (hint hint, coming soon), but bamboo is cost effective, sustainable, and naturally better for you (antibacterial and antimicrobial), making it a really easy choice.

How do you compost bamboo toothbrushes?: Because bamboo is thick, it works best when it is chopped or shredded finely before adding to a compost bin or dropped off at an industrial compost center. That said, you can still just throw it into your at home compost or bury it in your backyard. 

So there you have it- that is why we started this business and why we chose bamboo. Since the inception of Plus Ultra, we have continued to focus on innovation around products that you use every day, making them better for the planet and better for you.

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